PointClub Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

PointClub Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

What is PointClub?

PointClub is a website that has some of the best online surveys for its members. You can easily become a member by filling out a registration form.

Members complete these surveys and earn points. The amount of the reward varies depending on how narrowly focused and long the survey is. You don’t have to worry about nuisances like banner ads or providing your credit card details.

1000 points are equal to $1, and an average survey will fetch you 200 to 2000 points. You can trade these points for gift cards to your favorite restaurants and stores or get cash. Gift cards can be physical or digital.

PointClub member benefits:

  • You can join for free
  • Earn a signup bonus of $5
  • Earn swift cash for taking surveys
  • The website comes up with new ways to earn points
  • No banner ads

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PointClub Review

This PointClub review is from freelance writer Trizac. We ask content contributors to conduct research on the website, and share their findings or personal experiences, good or bad with our readers. If you decide to join this website, we may receive compensation. You can learn more by reading our Affiliate Disclosure policy.

Paid surveys allow individuals to earn some cash as well as rewards by providing their personal opinion on given products and services. For stay at home mothers, you have the opportunity to address your kids concerns while at the same time earn some money.

Other benefits of partaking on paid surveys other than working from home include the option to work in your free time. In this, you do not have to neglect any of your responsibilities.

In addition, you can help to take care of some bills such as electric or the monthly grocery’s on your own.

Is PointClub a real company?

PointClub allows you to get paid or earn rewards for taking on their surveys. This company is based in California and operated by Innovate Market Research. It is a legit paid survey worth it to check out.

Over the years, they have grown in popularity. The processes provided as easy to follow and so is making payment. All you should do is pick the surveys to participate in and earn points thus the name PointClub.

It is free to join and based on the information you provide after filing the profile, they will recommend preferred surveys that every individual.

How to earn with PointClub?

Making money with PointClub is relatively fast and easy as long as you qualify. First, sign up at no cost. The signing up process is simplified by providing an outline where I answered questions and filled my profile.

After, I accessed the member’s area which they refer to as the “Clubhouse” from where I was able to access surveys that fit my portfolio. Each survey indicated how long it will take and the number of points it will earn you. Having qualified for the survey, you can start.

Once a survey is complete successfully, the points are added into your account. These are the points that accumulate and from there, you can redeem them for cash prices or other gift-card rewards. There are a variety of gift cards one can redeem. The minimum number of points one can redeem is 10,000 which is worth $10. Cash options are via PayPal with a minimum of $50 (50,000 points).

Other than cash compensation, you can opt for gift cards. The options for this range from Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, Sears, Home Depot as well as a number of restaurants (the options are wide). These rewards are sent within 72 hours after I cash out the points. The company will send the rewards via email.

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What’s good about PointClub?

There are a couple reasons to join the website. For instance, privacy policies remain confidential. This is very important as a member.

You can keep track of your points thus preventing any losses. There are no restrictions on the number of surveys to complete as a member.

The terms and conditions of the website are easy to understand, and in the event you do not qualify for a give survey, you can keep trying paid surveys.

What’s not so good about PointClub?

There are negativities that must be considered when joining PointClub today. For instance there are times you may not qualify for a survey.

PayPal payment for member starts at $50, and the only way to receive rewards is to take surveys (no watch videos, read emails, try products, etc.).

Is PointClub legit or a scam?

If you are wondering if PointClub legit, I am glad to reveal that PointClub is a legit paid survey company. It guarantees pay as promised.

In addition, I enjoy a steady rate of income and on time delivery when cashing out. This makes them dependable and reliable to join today.


PointClub Review - Is it a Scam or Legit Paid Survey Site?

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