Ipsos i-Say Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or Just a Scam?

Ipsos i-Say Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or Just a Scam?

What is Ipsos i-Say?

Ipsos i-Say is a rewards program site with free signup. Members can share their opinions on polls and surveys, for which they receive reward points.

The members can then redeem the reward points for items that the site offers. The website offers a wide selection of redeemable items, ensuring each member is able to select what he/she wants. 5 to 250 reward points are available for each survey, and each member can take up to 4 surveys a month.

Ipsos i-Say also offers a loyalty program, through which members earn bonus points for taking a minimum number of surveys.

Ipsos i-Say member benefits:

  • Welcome draw, where you can win a gift card
  • Click draw, where you can win 10,000 points
  • Earn tangible rewards for simply sharing your opinion in surveys
  • Set up your own surveys and vote for surveys that you like
  • Earn credits for referring new members

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Ipsos i-Say Review

This Ipsos i-Say review is from freelance writer Zoeywebb. We ask content contributors to conduct research on the website, and share their findings or personal experiences, good or bad with our readers. If you decide to join this website, we may receive compensation. You can learn more by reading our Affiliate Disclosure policy.

When you are a stay at home mom it is very useful to be able to earn a little bit of extra money whenever you have the chance.

One of the best things about taking paid surveys is that you can do them whenever you have a spare minute so they are completely flexible.

Survey sites are free to sign up to and they give you a chance to have your say about products that you use every day.

Is Ipsos i-say a real company?

I-say is a survey site by the global market research company Ipsos. You are able to sign up to this site for free and you will earn points for every survey that you complete.

These points will then be able to be exchanged for gift vouchers which can come in very useful for birthdays and Christmas or you can also deposit into PayPal if you would prefer the cash.

Ipsos carry out market research for over 5000 clients that are based in more than 100 countries.

Ways to earn with Ipsos i-say

There are many ways that you can earn with Ipsos i-say. These include taking online surveys, taking part in online focus groups, and taking part in surveys via webcam.

Additionally, earning from the mobile app, taking surveys on the app, as well as earnings from referrals.

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What is good about Ipsos i-say?

One of the best things about Ipsos i-say is that there are so many different ways to earn and there are new things being added to the site all the time.

They also have a loyalty program that runs from January 1st to December 31st every year so that the more surveys you complete, the more points you will earn.

Reviews have also suggested that you will get more surveys here than you would on other similar paid survey sites.

What is not so good about Ipsos i-say?

Several people have reported that their accounts have been closed down with no prior warning and that they had lost all the points that they had accumulated.

People have also complained that there are a lot of technical problems with the site which can make it difficult to use, although this does seem to have improved recently.

There also seems to be an issue with the fact that members do screen out of a lot of surveys and it does not seem as if the site uses the pre-screening questions to allocate surveys.

Is Ipsos i-say website a scam or legit?

There are many people that have received a payout from Ipsos i-say so it is not a scam. However, you probably do need to make sure that you understand all the rules of the site. You must follow them so the site doesn’t deactivate your account.

There are a lot of surveys that you can take part in. Although, you may have to try a few before you get one that you can complete.

In conclusion, you may not be able to rely solely on Ipsos i-say to provide a decent income. But it can be useful when used alongside other legit paid survey sites.


Ipsos i-Say Review - Legit Paid Survey Site or Just a Scam?

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