EarningStation Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or Total Scam?

EarningStation Review – Legit Paid Survey Site or Total Scam?

What is EarningStation?

EarningStation is a U.S. based rewards website that allows members to earn gift cards and cash incentives. Members earn by playing games, taking part in surveys, online shopping and watching videos.

You can become a member easily by completing a conventional registration form or through your Facebook account.

Once you become a member you can try new products and services, complete surveys which are added on a daily basis, watch news and music videos and get rewards.

You can trade your points for virtual gift cards, pre-paid gift cards and PayPal payments. Delivery of physical gift cards takes 4 to 6 weeks, while virtual option is faster.

EarningStation member benefits:

  • Free signup through Facebook or conventional form
  • Variety of online activities for earning rewards
  • Get gift cards and cash for taking surveys
  • Earn on friend referrals
  • Receive rewards for playing games and watching videos

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EarningStation Review

This EarningStation review is from freelance writer Rahul25. We ask content contributors to conduct research on the website, and share their findings or personal experiences, good or bad with our readers. If you decide to join this website, we may receive compensation. You can learn more by reading our Affiliate Disclosure policy.

Participating in paid surveys can have several advantages. The first advantage is that it lets me work from home.

There are many people who hate the idea of commuting to work. Taking online surveys help me to earn money without wasting time in travelling to the office.

The flexibility that I get with my working hours is another advantage. I am not limited by the usual 9 to 5 job and there are no rules that state that I have to finish ’n’ number of surveys in a day. I simply get paid for the surveys I complete within my spare time.

Signing up for several survey companies also means that there is no dearth of surveys for me to participate in. If one company has no more surveys, I can always get them from another one that I signed up for.

Benefits don’t just end when it comes to location, flexibility and availability. Some of the specific gifts that these surveys offer are precisely what I am participating in these surveys for.

I am able to help out with family expenses.  Like movie tickets for the weekend matinee, contributing to next month’s electric bill, or to and pay for a gift for my husband.

Is EarningStation a real company?

EarningStation is a website that makes use of loyalty rewards to enable the users to earn cash or gift cards by taking part in surveys and other online tasks.

The company is a legit paid survey site to review. EarningStation got its start in 2011, but became really active three years later.

Going by what the users have to say about the website, it seems like this site in the work at home opportunities category is good and turning out to be an immensely popular one.

How to earn rewards with EarningStation?

EarningStation is a website that allows its visitors to make some extra money, while sitting at home, by participating in online surveys.

Apart from making money through surveys, there are options of playing games, watching videos and several other activities. These online activities reward members who are willing to try them out.

It has a simple user-interface and is a fun and light experience.

There are more than one paid survey site to join today. You need to read our Points2Shop review, PrizeRebel review, and SendEarnings review.

What’s good about EarningStation?

Signing up for the site is a quick and easy process and if you use your Facebook account, it becomes all the more faster.

Also, it’s not just about the surveys, but money can also be made through other offers like participating in paid trial offers and watching videos.

There are ample options to make money or get other incentives.

Finally, cashing out your reward points is quite simple and hassle free.

What’s not so good about EarningStation?

We all know that there two sides to a coin. While the perks are irresistible, there are a few negatives to this as well.

Firstly, you earn for trying out trial offers and you have to remember to cancel your subscription when your trial period expires on services like Netflix. Otherwise, you need to shell out some money.

So don’t just blindly go about participating in them. Be safe and wise.

Also, you have to qualify for some of the better paying surveys and there are some specific criteria that you need to fulfill. That’s a major disappointment as it translates into many surveys but not enough for you to participate in.

This is not a website to try out if you’re not a United States citizen. We understand that it is a big letdown, but being a U.S. resident is imperative if you want to enjoy the most perks of EarningStation.

Is EarningStation a scam site?

If you just need some extra cash and cannot dedicate more than a few hours to it, then yes, this is a good option.

You will have some fun along the way and there is no harm in enjoying your money-making process.

At least I don’t think so!


EarningStation Review - Legit Paid Survey Site or Total Scam?

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